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California Treatment Centers
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California treatment centers is an online directory of substance abuse treatment centers, located in California. We have sorted the treatment centers by city, addiction type, payment type, and services offered. We pride ourselves in connecting people with the best treatment program for you or your loved one. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, please don't hesitate to contact any of these facilities through our directory.

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California Drug Treatment Centers

California Treatment Centers contains a comprehensive list of drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment centers in California. We are the largest directory of just substance abuse treatment centers in California and have over 1,500 drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation centers listed. Within our database you will find that we have organized the centers by city, addiction, payment (insurance), and special services such as detoxification. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, please do not hesitate to contact facilities within our directory. We strive to be the #1 treatment center directory in California and will do our very best to connect you with the right people.

Due to California's proximity through Mexico, several drugs are smuggled into the state from Mexico for the purpose of consumption in California. In addition, California is also used as a gateway by traffickers to transport drugs to the rest of North America. Traffickers use a number of techniques to transport drugs into the US. Some of the techniques include tunnels underneath the border as well as disguised compartments in their vehicles.

In 2007, over 200,000 people were admitted into treatment in California for some type of substance abuse. Nationally around 1,900,000 people were admitted, meaning California had approximately 10.5% of the total people admitted into treatment centers in the entire United States. Within California, most of the major drugs, marijuana, cocaine (crack included), heroin, and meth are commonly abused with weed being the most abused drug throughout the state and the harder drugs being abused more at different parts of the state.

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